sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013


I have recently decided to share my space with new people and rent a couple of rooms in my 200m2 apartment. They will get a lot  better over the next 3-6 months.   

We have currently 3 large rooms (1 suite) and one small low budget one. Concerning bathrooms, we have 3 by now. How does it sound?

It is located 4 blocks away from Copacabana beach (next to Posto 3) and 2 blocks away from 2 metro stations namely Arcoverde and Siqueira Campos.

It is a magical and very calm, peaceful place, next to the nature and safety area (Rua República do Perú near Tonelero/Conrado Niemeier). Please see red mark below.

Yet there is a lot of commercial activities just 1 block away with easy transportation access, banks, supermarkets, bars, drugstoresm restaurants and 100s of shops nearby. 

This place combines the best of both worlds: silence/security with transport and commercial activities. 

Please schedule a Skype call (octaviopitaluga) or call us at +55 21 2235-8721 / 8829-4933 for further information about our rooms and vacancies. 

Looking forward to serving you!

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